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 Metal Badge Reel:
Material : Metal
  Size : outer diameter 32 mm /  40 mm  / 50 mm
  Color : any transparent color of plastic is available.
  Length of cord : 60 cm ~ 90 cm
  Material of cord : Nylon or carbon steel with PVC coating.
  Accessories : PVC strap / swivel J-Hook / key ring.
  Back : slide clip, nickel plated.

Metal Retractors (front)

Metal Retractor-RM-04 (25mm x 25mm)

Metal Retractors-RM-05 (21mm)

Steel Retractor-RM-06 (25mm)

Steel Retractor-RM-06B (25mm)

Metal Retractor-RM-07 (28mm)

Metal Retractors-RM-08 (32mm)

Metal Retractors-RM-09 (40mm)

Metal Retractors-RM-09-1 (40mm)

Metal Retractors-RM-10 (50mm)

RM-11 (42mm x 42mm)

Metal Retractor-RM-12 (47mm)
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